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My View .. My Experience .. My Art ..

If pictures are worth a thousand words, my images could tell stories until the end of time.

Hi, I’m Scott Lee, owner of Images By Scott Lee and a photographer with a passion for individual expression. From the humble beginnings of a high school photography class grew my love for visual creativity, and soon after did I realize my calling in life. Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to grow from a hobbyist wildlife photographer to a high-level portrait photographer, refining my creative versatility and professional eye along the way. This has given me a keen sense of identifying the perfection that each person possesses when they are in front of my camera.

My abilities and eye has enabled my portfolio to grow through experience to offer the most unique family portraits, weddings and celebration occasions, along with capturing our fun furry friends as part of the family.

I also offer professional portfolios for business/commercial headshots or modelling including today's more preferred method of online modelling portfolios.

Many people get nervous in front of a lens and it's my job to put you at ease, give you professional advice on how to "look natural" and at ease during your sessions and allow your "glow" to be captured. Often people are too critical of themselves and do not like to be photographed, but that's where you just be you, and let me use my skills and experience to give you an amazing photography experience that you will not only enjoy but be proud to look at or share as memories forever more.

Blessed to honor our ladies ...

I have been blessed to work with over 100 incredible women. Selfless, loving women, some of whom have given the world to others, but still feel the weight of the world on their own shoulders. Boudoir with Images By Scott Lee is not a simple photoshoot while wearing lingerie. It is an experience that fosters empowerment through self-love, exposing new ways of believing in yourself by revealing the strong, sexy woman that you truly are. And the best part? The entire experience is yours to keep forever, in the form of memories and also with high quality, professionally taken photographs.

I have a mission to inspire your self-confidence, self-love, and comfort with Boudoir, and I’m sure that begs the question of “Why?”. The answer is because inspiring others is what fuels the burning passion that inspires me. It’s that same passion that has also afforded me a successful career as a counselor, where I’m further able to help others be the best versions of themselves. I consider it an honor and a privilege to have a platform where deserving women can feel empowered and define the standards of beauty and sexiness in their own way. I couldn’t imagine doing anything more fulfilling than showing women how truly remarkable, strong, and worthy they are, which is exactly what I do with Photography By Scott Lee.