Portraits & Headshots

The terms professional headshot and portrait are often used interchangeably. While these types of photos do have some overlap, there are differences. Knowing these differences will help you better communicate to your photographer the type of look you need to promote yourself, your work, or your business.

Business, Pleasure or Fun ...


Years ago, headshots were reserved for actors and models. For talent, these images are in some ways more important than a resume. A casting director can scour through hundreds of photos in search of the perfect face for the role at hand.

In today’s socially connected world, a modern headshot comes in handy for anyone looking to market themselves professionally (or personally — don’t forget about online dating profiles).

If you don’t have a professional image of yourself (or the staff in your organization), then I always recommend starting with a headshot.


Throughout The Years

A portrait is a much broader term — essentially any image where the subject is aware she’s being photographed (even if she’s not looking at the camera). Depending on the specifics, you might be able to use a portrait where a headshot really makes the most sense. But because there are few rules when it comes to portraits, working in the context of a headshot is much simpler as you discuss possibilities with your photographer.

Lighting, Cropping, Posing, Background, Retouching & Printing (or digital copies) are all vital parts to getting the exact look you need for what you want to achieve.

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